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Reboot with Kindness

You are invited to join us as we Reboot With Kindness! Our Temple community will be rebooting this year with kindness as our theme.

Each month, we will honor a group of congregants based on a theme of the month. We will perform acts of kindness all month for the groups we are highlighting.

Scroll down to read the various themes and join us for any programs that resonate with you and your family. Our goal is to create meaningful connections for all. We will have programs for adults, for families and even young children.  

Together we can make a big impact on the greater community and we hope you join us!

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Monthly Themes & Honors


Theme: Back to School
Honoring: Teachers

If you have retired from teaching or are currently in the classroom, let us pamper you in this back to school month with acts of kindness.


Theme: Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Honoring: All cancer survivors & those in treatment

Let us know if we can interview you about your journey. We will spend October doing little acts of kindness for all of our cancer warriors to know you are not alone and your community stands with you.


Theme: Veterans Day
Honoring: Veterans

If you have served our country, we would like to know more about your story. We want to honor the sacrifices you have made to preserve peace and liberty.


Theme: Religious & Cultural Observances
Honoring: Interfaith families 

December is filled with religious and cultural observances & family traditions. Interfaith families have to figure out how to honor both sides of the family, which they do in creative and beautiful ways! We would love to highlight some of our members who are not Jewish, but who support this community with giving hearts. These are people who are raising children with Judaism and who add so much to our people! 


Theme: New Beginnings
Honoring: Those who had a new beginning

This is a month of new beginnings! Let us honor everyone who has had a baby or grandchild in the last year or who has had a major new beginning!


Theme: Jewish Disability Awareness
Honoring: Congregants with disabilities or families raising children with special needs 

We want to honor all of our congregants who themselves have a disability or are raising children with special needs. We would like to highlight stories of navigating life with a chronic illness including mental health and help each other gain empathy and understanding for and about those in our midst.


Theme: Purim
Honoring: Our first responders and heroes in our midst

This is the month of Purim when we read about our biblical heroes. During March, we will highlight all of the heroes in our community including first responders. We will also perform acts of kindness for the first responders in Northbrook.


Theme: Earth Day
Honoring: The Earth!

We will perform acts of kindness as a community for our world!



Theme: Older Americans Awareness
Honoring: Our oldest congregants

Let us honor our oldest congregants by hearing their stories and doing acts of kindness for them.

Wed, September 28 2022 3 Tishrei 5783