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Consider Our Religious & Hebrew School for Your Student

I’d enjoy talking with you about your goals and exploring how we can support them. Now, more than ever, we are designing our curriculum and educational approaches with modern families in mind.  

Rabbi Ari Moffic
Director of Congregational Learning
(847) 205-9982, ext. 212

Judaism is part of our heritage, our identity, and our family. Jewish holidays, values of making the world a better place, the emphasis on learning and asking questions and being part of a small population that has a big impact on the world is something we’re proud of. We want our children to identify with Judaism and become excited about learning more about Judaism. We hope that our children will have a moral compass to guide them in life and to have a sense of belief and faith that can sustain us in hard times and feel so real in joyful times. Our Religious & Hebrew School is where young people can learn about their heritage, discover the beauty of Judaism, connect with our history, and find a place in the Jewish world today.

When you join Temple Beth-El and enroll in the Religious School (and Hebrew School options in 3rd-7th grade), you are modeling for your children the importance of Jewish community. 

When you join here you will be known. You matter. Your presence matters to the clergy, staff and teachers. We will get to know you and your child and teach to their strengths and interests. 

We will be your partners every step of the way to make sure your children are enjoying their classes, that the family services are accessible for you, and that your path toward b’nei mitzvah is meaningful. We hope that even after your child has spent all these years with Jewish learning that they see their b’nei mitzvah as a most remarkable day and a door that has opened up for continued study and experiences that they’ll undertake as teens.

TBE to us means we are TOGETHER

  • We BElong here.
  • We BEfriend each other.
  • We BElieve in hope and possibilities and bringing more joy into the world through our Jewish lens.
  • We celebrate your BEing YOU where each of our individual needs and schedules and interests can be woven into the fabric of a family of families who are all wanting the same things for our children in this day and age of technology and social media and stress — we want our children to thrive and have Judaism BE a source of blessings.
Sun, April 2 2023 11 Nisan 5783