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Hebrew School

Hebrew School is designed to teach students the Hebrew alphabet and how to read the words. We go on to learn vocabulary and appreciate this beautiful, ancient language. While we teach prayers and that Hebrew is a major element of every prayer and service, we also teach the students that Hebrew is spoken today in Israel and by Jewish people around the world. It is a language that connects Jews to each other, to our history, and to the community. Studying Hebrew is exciting and children enjoy learning the letter forms, reading, pronunciation and unlocking this dynamic, ancient language.

Why do we spend many years learning to become strong Hebrew readers?

Hebrew is the sacred language of Judaism. It is what connects Jews around the world. Being able to fluently read from the prayerbook, instead of relying on hard-to-decipher transliteration is a gift and it’s empowering.

Do the children understand what they are reading?

This is very important to us. They may not be able to grammatically take apart each word in translations, but they know what they are reading and what the prayer is about. They learn lots of Hebrew vocabulary and form deep connections with the themes of the prayers. When they read Yotzer Or, on a Shabbat morning, they know this prayer is about the miracle of light. They know this prayer is about the contrast of day and night and the beauty of creation. Our ancient poetry becomes accessible.

The children confidently can help lead their b’nei mitzvah services. This is a moment in time that changes their lives, literally. They are proud of themselves. They have worked diligently toward this goal of chanting Torah. It is a day for them filled with love and connections. For the whole family, it is a culmination in a way of Sunday School, and a celebration of their commitment to Jewish learning and it is the beginning of this next chapter of this young person participating in their Jewish community in new ways.

Thu, May 30 2024 22 Iyar 5784