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Everyone who made a pledge to the "2022-23 Community Commitment" is entitled to High Holiday tickets and a live stream link. You must complete this form to receive your tickets and link and complete any 2021-22 outstanding balance.

   FAMILY INFORMATION                            

   HIGH HOLIDAY OPTIONS                             


   IN-PERSON FAMILY TICKETS                             
Children below 3rd grade are not issued tickets for the adult service. We encourage you and your younger family members to experience the young children's family service for non-readers. We also offer a Youth Service for 2nd to 6th graders on Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur.

Youth/Young Adult - 3rd grade - age 30

Youth/Young Adult - 3rd grade - age 30

Youth/Young Adult - 3rd grade - age 30

Youth/Young Adult - 3rd grade - age 30

Youth/Young Adult - 3rd grade - age 30

Youth/Young Adult - 3rd grade - age 30

   EXTENDED FAMILY TICKETS                   

If the guest becomes a Temple Beth-El member before January 1, 2023, payment for these tickets will be credited towards their Community Commitment.

   BIMAH FLOWERS                             

Help beautify our bimah by making a donation to the bimah flower fund. Your donation will be listed in the High Holiday handout at services if received by August 19.


   SCROLL OF REMEMBRANCE                             

At this season we recall the lives of those who live within our hearts by including their names in our sacred Scroll of Remembrance. In its pages we witness our families story and our connection with our community. Our loved ones are once again united with their friends and neighbors, the people with whom they laughed, cried and prayed, and are bound together in this treasury of life. The High Holidays are a time for reflection and memory. It is a time when we look into our souls and reflect on our heritage.

How your listing should appear in our Scroll of Remembrance:
Please enter donation amount above.

   PRAYER BOOK PURCHASE                             

Order your High Holidays Prayer Books today!
Orders must be received by August 19 to pick up your book in times for the holidays.
You can pick up your books during ticket pick-up on September 18 - 23.
Each Prayer Book set is $42.

   MEMORIAL PLAQUE PURCHASE                            

Please submit information before August 19 to make sure the plaque(s) is/are included in this year's Scroll of Remembrance Book.

   SISTERHOOD - HONEY ORDER                              

Are you busy as a Bee?
The holidays are almost here.
Time to think about wishing everyone a Sweet New Yea

Give a jar of honey to wish your family, friends, and business associates a Happy New Year!
A 12 ounce jar of kosher honey is $15. It comes with a festive label wishing you a sweet and healthy New Year and it indicates a donation has been made in their honor to Temple Beth-El Sisterhood.

Honey can be picked up at Temple Beth-El on ticket pick-up dates, September 18-23.

Thu, May 30 2024 22 Iyar 5784