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Who We Are

We are families. We are teachers. We are students. We are loving. We are understanding. We are Reform Jewish in practice. We are inclusive. We are non-judgmental. We are LGBTQIA+. We have fun. We laugh when we are together. We love to move. We love to use all our senses in Jewish education. We are story-tellers. We are art-makers. We are music-makers. We are memory-makers. We are learners. We are experiential. We are relevant. We are realistic. We are accessible. We begin where you are.  

Our Families Are...

Our families lead full lives. Our families are involved in sports, extracurricular activities. Our families live in connection to extended family. Our families are interfaith. Our families are single-parent, blended & traditional. Our families celebrate Jewish holidays. Our families celebrate secular holidays. Our families grew up Jewish. Our families are Jews- by-choice. Our families have different backgrounds and levels of Jewish knowledge. Our families are spiritual, religious, agnostic, & curious. Our families want their children to love Judaism and coming to Temple. Our families want to raise mensches. Our families are looking for community & friendship. Our families are our partners in the endeavor of Jewish education. Our families connect to Judaism through services, social justice, community, & culture.  

Our Students Are...

Our students are eager learners. Our students are reluctant learners. Our students are busy with activities. Our students enjoy learning. Our students question ideas. Our students like games. Our students like arts & crafts. Our students discover their place in Judaism. Our students bond with their teachers and classmates. Our students are proud of what they learn & create. Our students are typical & neurodiverse. Our students have ADHD, ASD, SPD & we create programs to suit everyone. Our students love to laugh & have fun. Our students read Hebrew. Our students appreciate Jewish holidays. Our students connect with the broader Jewish & secular cultures.

Sun, April 14 2024 6 Nisan 5784